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Hot Air Balloon


Rocking Chair with Grant

I’m reminded of a passage from one of my favorite books, Fire Season by Philip Connors:

Time spent being a [wildfire] lookout isn’t spent at all. Every day in a lookout is a day not subtracted from the sum of one’s life.

The same definitely applies to time spent with a sleeping (or should be sleeping) child. These fleeting moments are some of the best moments of my life.
We celebrated Grant’s first birthday today, although it lost a little bit of the gusto when we found out yesterday morning he was sick. With little rest, the party went on, and Grant had a ton of fun. Pictures of him covered in green icing will follow, sometime, after we all catch up on a little sleep.



Grant and Great Grandma


My Kind of Selfie


Hot air balloon


Over the house one morning.

Sunset from the office


HDR from the phone. Pardon the reflection in the window.

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