Chris M. Lindsey mug

Hi! I’m Chris, a public administrator by trade and a web developer by hobby. I graduated from the University of Kansas’ Edwin O. Stene Graduate Program in Public Administration in 2010, with a Master’s of Public Administration in city and county leadership. I once wanted to be Leo McGarry, but decided that city management was a close to White House Chief of Staff as I want to get.

I am a dedicated public servant, and I work at a local level to see the impact of every day decisions on citizens’ lives. I believe in the impact of the internet and social media to communicate with citizens on their terms (hence, this personal website).

I am a die-hard Bulldog (a graduate of the University of Georgia) and I bleed red and black during football season and crimson and blue during basketball season (the colors of my graduate alma mater, the University of Kansas).

I started the website with two good friends, a review site that helps University of Georgia students pick classes. We sold the site in 2011 to Koofers.

I co-founded of a boutique web design firm called GovDesign. Have a look.

I can be reached here.