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From Obama and Baker, a Lament for a Lost Consensus

Axios – Four Ways to Fix Fake News

“Delivery-driven Government” by Jennifer Pahlka of Code for America

Please someone tell me how I can login to my WordPress admin through an email link (like or

I’m tired of watching Kevin Harvick win Nascar races this season.

Dana Carvey On His Friendship With The Bush Family

Watch “Budweiser | One Last Ride”

Best Android Wallpaper Yet

H/t Android Police.

John Crowley on the Tim Ferriss Show

Episode #225 of the Tim Ferriss Show had me in tears on the way to work this morning. Tim interviews John Crowley, a father who quit his job to start a bio-tech company after two of his kids were diagnosed with a rare disease. Go have a listen and reflect on life a bit.

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