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Hot air balloon


Over the house one morning.’s The Big Picture on the wildfires in the western United States. Incredible, eye-opening photos.

Horsetail Fall at Yosemite

Mule Deer on the Way Home

I spotted this herd of mule deer two days in a row, while taking the scenic route home from work.  There were about 40 mule deer (look at the first image and try to count all of them).  I might put more up later, but click on the pictures to see bigger images.

Rocky Mountains, 2010

A view of the Rocky Mountains, from Granby, Colorado.

I Voted


That’s right, I voted and I’m wearing Georgia gear.

Plus, I’m trying out WordPress on my new Android phone!

City of Frisco and Sheep

Emily and I were headed back to Denver from Breckenridge yesterday.  We stopped in Frisco to snap some pictures of the beautiful aspen trees.  Then, we found a herd of bighorn sheep on the side of the interstate, and I had to turn around and snap some pictures.

All the pictures are here.

Elk and Rocky Mountain National Park

Emily and I took my parents up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  My parents came out to visit and see our new apartment (now furnished with lots of great wedding gifts!).

We were Estes Park and Rocky Mountain at just the right time for the rut.  The large groups of elk were on the golf course in Estes Park, while the first two videos are from Sheep Lakes, near the Falls River entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We also saw several male bighorn sheep on the way back to Denver, in Empire.

Pictures are here.

Video clips:

We Made the Paper!

Emily and I made the Summit Daily News today!  Click on the image for a screenshot of the full page.

And special thanks to our good friend Josh Weiss for taking our awesome wedding photos.

Graduated from KU

This is a little bit late, but I wanted to write on here anyways (especially since I blogged my acceptance into the program and the first day of classes).  Also, I can write this now, as the official commencement at KU was yesterday.

I’ve finished the Edwin O. Stene Master’s Program in Public Administration (MPA degree) at the University of Kansas, and I recently was hooded.

Here are a couple of pictures from the graduation banquet:

Graduation Group

Graduation Hooding

I started this program 2 years ago, having never been to campus before I accepted and having never lived outside of the State of Georgia.  I applied on the recommendation of a mentor and professor at the University of Georgia, and I was accepted to the program (just barely).

I’ve moved to Kansas, been to Richmond and Montreal for ICMA conferences, made many new friends (who I already miss), worked in new places (the Unified Government and Jefferson County), found a job in and moved to Colorado, and become engaged (and getting married in a month).  These have been a grueling, but refreshing, two years for this fresh-out-of-undergrad guy from Georgia.  And I can’t believe it is already over (but really, the journey has just begun).

It still seems like just yesterday when I was sitting in that classroom in Blake Hall, listening to Professor John Nalbandian (pictured above, hooding me) as the tornado sirens went off outside on that first day.  Wow.

Other updates will be forthcoming (I have a job!).

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