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I’m tired of watching Kevin Harvick win Nascar races this season.

Dana Carvey On His Friendship With The Bush Family

Watch “Budweiser | One Last Ride”

Khizr Khan – Paying Tribute to Democratic Values in “An American Family” – Extended Interview – The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | Comedy Central

Lamy Petrol and Noodlers Air Corp

Best Android Wallpaper Yet

H/t Android Police.

Fight for the Future of the Internet

Net neutrality. We need it. Go here for more about today’s internet-wide day of activity.

Everything is Hitched

Please, everyone, let’s listen to a voice of reason like Walt Mossberg.

John Crowley on the Tim Ferriss Show

Episode #225 of the Tim Ferriss Show had me in tears on the way to work this morning. Tim interviews John Crowley, a father who quit his job to start a bio-tech company after two of his kids were diagnosed with a rare disease. Go have a listen and reflect on life a bit.

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