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Tag: WordPress likes WordPress 2.5 likes WordPress 2.5. They have a nice little review of WP 2.5, my new favorite toy.

Also, everyone be aware of some security issues with older WordPress versions. I have even seen first hand an attacked site. The lesson here is to stay updated with the newest versions of any software you use.

WordPress 2.5 is now using WordPress 2.5, the latest stable release of the venerable open source blogging software.  The release notification is here, screencast of the new admin panel here, and the download and install information is here.

I really like the new admin panel in WordPress 2.5.  Most used items are placed prominently, while little used links are placed out of the way.  WordPress 2.5 also runs considerable faster for me, which is always a plus.

Now, if only Eng would update his Akismet Spam script to WordPress 2.5, I would be in heaven.

How To: Highlight Author Comments in WordPress

I recently realized that my new theme doesn’t display author comments in a different color than regular comments, so I struck out to fix the issue.

I regard author comment highlighting as a major feature or lack thereof for any theme. It should be mandatory, as it makes it easy to scan and find the original author’s comments. It also keeps a rude commenter from posting under your name and having readers believe it is actually your comment. You could also use colored comment highlighting on a multi-author blog to note comments by writers from the site who didn’t actually write said post.

Anyways, on to the details.

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Changed Themes Again, More MNML Style

The pendulum has swung back again, and thus I changed the theme of again. New visitors might not know my history of changing themes. This time I am going with a minimalist theme called MNML, by Ian Stewart of ThemeShaper.

One of the neat features of MNML is that the homepage actually allows me to make new posts, much like the amazing Twitter-like Prologue theme from Automattic, the people behind WordPress. Btw, I love the Prologue theme, absolutely amazing, I wish I had a virtual team to use Prologue with, and someone already came up with a chat bot for Prologue. Amazing. You can add this functionality to your WordPress site as well, by simply following this tutorial.

The MNML theme also has built-in CSS support for asides, which means I can more easily post links to the site for readers.

MNML is also close to being a tumblelog, a short-form weblog that allows different kinds of posts. Think Tumblr, which I have been messing around with but don’t want to use in a production environment. I think tumblelogs will become the new form of blogging, allowing people to more easily make shorter posts on a different variety of subjects (like videos, photos, chats, quotes, etc.).

MNML is named for the look: extremely minimal. Just what you and I need, and nothing else. Search, RSS, Twitter (added by me), Pages, Popular Posts, Categories, and Archives. Also, the theme comes boxed with an archive and a links page template (already put to use in my archives page). I also like the minimal look of the header, or in this case, the footer. I had to customize the pages on the right in the footer, but that was cut and paste WordPress stuff.

All in all, I like this theme. We’ll see how long it lasts, and if Ian keeps the theme updated (especially when WordPress 2.5 comes out next month). I always hate to see developers not update their themes so they work in the latest version of WordPress. But that is a different rant for a different day.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or complaints, as always feel free to leave a comment or reach me through the contact form.

PS – I’ve tested the site in Firefox 2, IE7, and Safari (on Windoze). Let me know if anything looks funny in your browser.

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