I finally made it out to Kansas and got moved into my new place.  I drove out last week with my parents and we moved in over the weekend.  Here’s a couple of photos, including one of my new Nissan Versa (hatchback):

My new Nissan Versa

I love this picture that my mom was able to snap while I was driving, Budweiser and the Gateway Arch:

Budweiser and St. Louis

And my official welcome to Kansas:

My real welcome to Kansas

My first class is this evening.  This class is on public budgeting.  I had orientation Monday and Tuesday, and I’ll be visiting the health center tomorrow morning for a cough I managed to get sometime during my hectic last three weeks.

This summer should be fun, and jam-packed.  Everything is a little unnerving, because I’m living alone for my first time ever (granted, I’m in an apartment building).  There have already been several severe Kansas storms, but every building out here has signs for where to go in case of a tornado, so I’m trying not to worry too much.