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Firefox 3 is Released!

Firefox 3 was released this morning!  Get excited, because version 3 is amazing.  I’ve been using the betas since January, and I love it.

Firefox 3 has amazingly low memory usage and loads javascript so fast.  Want that in non-tech terms?  Firefox 3 runs really fast and loads websites like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Remember the Milk, ect. really fast.

See Mozilla Links 5 Minute Review of Firefox 3.

Download Firefox 3 now!

They are doing having a contest to become the most downloaded program, so make sure you download Firefox today!

Download Day 2008

PS-One of my favorite websites, Lifehacker, has lots of Firefox 3 coverage and tricks.  See here for all of the LH coverage.

Howto: Using Firefox 3 While in Beta

I’ve been using Firefox 3 for about a month now, using the same method Lifehacker explains in this article, with Portable Firefox 3.  This allows you to keep your normal Firefox 2 install and not have to install Firefox 3 until it comes out of beta.

BTW, Firefox 3 is absolutely amazing.  The speed is incredible, especially with the javascript heavy web applications I always use, like Gmail, Google Reader, and Remember the Milk.

And second BTW, PortableApps is amazing also.  It keeps me from having to install the plethora of open source applications I use periodically, leaving me with a slender hard drive with fewer applications installed.

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