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Ten Year Anniversary

I’m pretty proud to say that this site has been around now for at least decade, in some form or fashion. The first post published on the site, the default WordPress Hello World post with some additions, was published on August 1, 2006. This was about the time I first started experimenting with self publishing online and web development, which lead to the formation of two awesome side businesses. Neither of those would have been possible if I hadn’t learned the framework of the internet, like servers, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, while teaching myself to develop WordPress websites. This experimentation has lead to countless opportunities, both professional and personal.

And while my posting has steadily diminished over the last few years (due to both professional reasons and family obligations, which I hope to detail in the near future in this space), I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment.

So, here’s to another ten years! I can’t wait to see what this space looks like then.

PS- Here’s what the site looked like back in 2007:

Great writing from Shawn Blanc

Great writing from Shawn Blanc:

I believe the human sprit wants – and even needs – to be challenged and given hard-to-reach goals. I also believe that put in the wrong environment day after day, that same human spirit will forget about its ability to imagine and grow.

I tweeted about it over the weekend, but if you haven’t read Marty Smith’s article The story behind the song ‘Talladega’, go have a read. I’m a huge fan of Eric Church’s new album, The Outsiders, and like always Marty does a great job telling the story behind the album.

Twitter in Plain English

I know I’ve posted this video previously, but Twitter is exploding into mainstream. Several good friends of mine (and a former professor) have recently joined Twitter (within the past week). It is on all of the news shows, on Oprah, and all over the web. Everyday people are hearing about Twitter and they don’t know what it is. Even my parents asked me to explain Twitter. As such, I’m reposting this video from Common Craft, explaining Twitter in Plain English.

WordPress for iPhone

There has long been an iPhone plugin for WordPress, but now there is an official WordPress for iPhone application.  The open source, and free, app is available tomorrow from the App Store.  The app works for both .org and .com WordPress.  I so want an iPhone now, but it is just too expensive.

SEC Should Takeover the NCAA

The Orlando Sentinel pretty well describes how the Southeastern Conference could take over the Bowl Championship Series and the NCAA.

Link: Howto Pull an All-Nighter

In honor of my all-nighter tonight, I am posting a link to a great howto: How to pull an all-nighter. This is good stuff, I follow most of these tips.

WordPress 2.5 is now using WordPress 2.5, the latest stable release of the venerable open source blogging software.  The release notification is here, screencast of the new admin panel here, and the download and install information is here.

I really like the new admin panel in WordPress 2.5.  Most used items are placed prominently, while little used links are placed out of the way.  WordPress 2.5 also runs considerable faster for me, which is always a plus.

Now, if only Eng would update his Akismet Spam script to WordPress 2.5, I would be in heaven.

Explaining Twitter

From the awesome guys/gals at Common Craft, Twitter in Plain English:

PS: I love Twitter. If you use Twitter, make sure to let me know and I’ll follow you.

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