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Georgia Contingent in ICMA Fellowship

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) released the list of participants in ICMA’s Local Government Management Fellowship program.

Fellows must be recently graduated from an MPA program.  The Fellows acquire a position with an affiliated local government to work and get a real world introduction to local government management.  Just like my MPA program at the University of Kansas.

The University of Georgia has one participant in the Fellowship (KU has none, which isn’t surprising because of its own internship program).  5 Fellows (of 13) were placed with Georgia local governments.  I’m proud that my home state is taking so many of these local government students; this bodes well for management and government in Georgia.

And, the Fellowship program even has a blog.

City Manager Age Demographics

I was reading an article in the 2009 Edition of The Municipal Year Book (from the International City/County Management Association) and found this interesting passage:

Our organizations will need to fundamentally adapt as these newcomers enter the workforce and take on positions of leadership. This point is magnified by data from ICMA, as 71% of city and county executives were under the age of 40 in 1971, while only 13% were under 40 in 2006.

That is an incredible statistic, and I think it shows the near-term challenge that local governments across the nation face. Even though this is a tough time for everyone, I couldn’t be more excited about starting my career in local government.

First ICMA Conference

Saturday morning (very early) I am heading with my MPA class to the International City/County Management Association’s Annual Conference. I’m really excited about meeting lots of fellow KUCIMATs and learning lots. This is my first professional conference of any kind, so this will be a new experience for me.

The Annual Conference is in Richmond, Virginia this year. You can follow the happenings on the ICMA 2008 Annual Conference blog (run on WordPress!).

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