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The Sad, Hypocritical Retirement of Evan Bayh

In our last interview, [Former US Senator Evan] Bayh complained of the poor opinion the public had of him and his [Senate] colleagues. “They look at us like we’re worse than used-car salesmen.” Yes. They do. And this is why.

Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, from his post The sad, hypocritical retirement of Evan Bayh.

Great Post on Critiques

Hiding behind your Twitter avatar and telling the world how terrible everything is is pretty easy. It’s even funny sometimes. Putting yourself on the line and making something original is really hard work. Which one do you want to be. Which one deserves our respect and attention?

-37 Signals blog, Signal vs. Noise, on critiquing others’ work when you don’t know the contexts (yeah, I didn’t want to print the title).

Fran Tarkenton Realistic on the State of Georgia Football

Fran Tarkenton, on the state of University of Georgia football (and compare to Coach Mark Richt’s positive outlook on the same):

I think what has happened in the last week at Georgia has been the most disturbing time that I have seen at Georgia football in a long time. You know people don’t want to look at reality. We don’t want to look at the signs…

And then I read this quote. Holy cow! Yesterday, where Mark Richt says, ‘I have been freed from administrative duties to spend more time on football.’ Then I quote him, he said, ‘the moves give him more time to study the game of football and be an expert and be on the cutting-edge.’ What has he been doing for nine years? I have never heard any college, high school; professional coach has ever said that I was not able to spend enough time on football. I had other issues.

I really have to agree with Georgia great Fran Tarkenton.  The issue with the Bulldogs is purely mindset.  We have everything we need to win, and the coaches and the players just need to get it together and get in the mindset of being a team and being winners.  No more excuses, just FINISH THE DRILL.

The Daily Show on Facebook Investment

The Daily Show has a hilarious segment on the recent investments in Facebook, and the irony that Facebook doesn’t want to be transparent.

My Blackberry is Not Working

My Blackberry is not working!

Nascar Mind Games

There have been many news reports on the words being said between Denny Hamlin’s #11 team and Jimmie Johnson’s #48 team.  Enter Kevin Harvick, driver of the #29 and the guy in (a still viable) third place in the championship standings:

I think when you’re trying to intimidate the guy that’s won four championships in a row, you might need to re-think your strategy and just worry about racing.

I love it!  Granted, Hamlin won last weekend, so he has the racing part down.  But, like Harvick, his team seems more worried about Johnson and the #48 Lowe’s team than winning.

Lou Holtzsh on Cam Newton

This has been cracking me up all day. I love Dr. Lou/Coach Holtz, but who hasn’t made fun of that lisp?

New Auburn Fight Song

Auburn’s new fight song, in honor of Cam Newton:

The Things People Vote For

Emily noticed this last night, while reading our mail-in ballots (you might want to click the image to see the full-size):

Read that carefully.  It says:

Initiated Ordinance 300

Shall the voters for the City and County of Denver adopt an Initiated Ordinance to require the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and fund such commission from grants, gifts and donations?

That’s right, the voters of Denver have asked for this measure to be on the ballot (see the WSJ article here).

Good Words from Stacy Searels

Georgia Offensive Line Coach Stacy Searels, on whether the offensive line has turned a corner:

You gotta go out every Saturday and compete. If you think you’ve arrived because you’ve won two games in a row, you’re not very smart, I’ll say that.

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