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More technologists are joining the US Digital Service! Andrew Nacin and Kara DeFrias have both posted recently about joining the USDS. See my previous posts on the USDS here.

Gov Inspiration from the US Digital Service

I’m loving this new video from the U.S. Digital Service (see previous posts on the USDS here):

In addition, I’m also a big fan of the U.S. Digital Service new Playbook for government digital services projects. Plus, it’s on GitHub!

I’m a big fan of the U.S. Digital Service

Introducing the U.S. Digital Service: Interacting with the government shouldn’t be a thing that you automatically dread. -Mikey Dickerson Every one of us in government, this should be our goal, every day. While I love what the USDS is doing, I find it a little sad that half the discussion centers around what Mikey wears […]

Inside the Obama Tech Surge as it Hacks the Pentagon and VA

Inside the Obama Tech Surge as it Hacks the Pentagon and VA: To the dismay of government contractors, the United States Digital Service is gloriously hacking away in the VA and the Pentagon. More great work by Steven Levy, Backchannel, and Medium.

More from Medium on Gov Tech

Medium is posting even more about government tech. After the post about the “Alpha Geeks” in the White House Chief Technology Officer’s office, they’ve followed up with one on the people behind the US Digital Service (titled Stock Options? Don’t Need ‘Em! I’m Coding For Uncle Sam!) and another on how they’re working (A Government Techie’s […]

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