Announces Acquisition by Koofers

Georgia Alumni Thank Users, Ensure Grade Data for Future

February 14, 2011

University of Georgia students have a new resource for choosing their courses and professors., a website containing grades for most University of Georgia courses since 1999, will now be available from Koofers.

The eleven years of grade data previously available on, along with several thousand syllabi, will now be accessible through, along with course textbook listings, professor reviews, and other services that Koofers brings to over 2,000 campuses nationwide. was developed by UGA alumni Chris M. Lindsey ‘08, Noah Mink ‘08, and Paul Ruddle ‘09. An original version of The Key was available on a Black Tie Party website in March of 2006, while officially opened its doors on August 11, 2007.

“We created to provide a service to UGA students,” said Chris Lindsey, co-founder. “We’ve had a great time building and maintaining the site. But, as we’ve graduated from UGA, we’ve found less time to add the new features to the site that we’ve always dreamed of. Koofers will provide more great services to UGA students, at no cost.”

Fellow co-founder Paul Ruddle added, “We want to thank all the UGA students who have made an invaluable part of their course registrations for more than five years. We know Koofers will continue to provide the important information you’ve come to expect from us, and we look forward to seeing what exciting new things they have in store.” Founders,

Chris M. Lindsey
Noah Mink
Paul Ruddle

About Koofers

Koofers, Inc. is a social learning company transforming higher education through student-driven, intercollegiate collaboration. Founded in 2008, Koofers empowers students to help each other learn by providing open and free access to: course materials, class and professor ratings, study aids and more.