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New Points System in NASCAR?

Reports say that NASCAR is contemplating a new points system (SceneDaily, FoxSports, and ESPN).  The current points system has been in place since 1975 (but it added the Chase system in 2004).

The current system is confusing.  According to Fox:

NASCAR legend claims the current system was devised on a napkin over drinks at a Daytona bar in 1974 and implemented the next season. The complicated scoring method gives 175 points to the winner, and decreases in increments of five points and then three points down to 34 points for the last-place finisher.

Five-point bonuses are awarded for leading a lap, and to the driver who leads the most laps.

The debated new system would award 43 points for first place (there are 43 drivers in a race) and one point less for each position, with 1 point for 43rd place.  If they want to do this, why not just use the average finish?  That’s even less confusing.

I know NASCAR wants to do all sorts of things to get more viewers, but here’s the deal.  The last race of 2010 decided the NASCAR Sprint Cup champion in the closest fashion ever seen by race fans.  And, the race was decided by the two best drivers of the year, working for the two best teams, who had the two best pit crews.

How much more action do we need?


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  1. Paul

    So say that average finish is used, or something like that. Do you think there should still be a bonus for leading a lap and/or leading the most laps?

    • Chris

      I’m not sure what I think about changing the system, but whatever NASCAR decides, I think they should award those bonus points.

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