Why don’t I depend on Apple products?  Because you need a translator to read Apple’s press statements (the writer of that, John Gruber, is an unabashed Apple fanboy).  That press release is the laughing stock of the internet right now.

My cellphone is something I depend on everyday.  If it can’t get a signal (because I can’t hold it correctly or AT&T’s horrible service) or if I can’t replace the battery (batteries hold less of a charge over their lifespan, and with the iPhone, I can’t change the battery), I can’t trust it to work when I need it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my first generation iPod Touch (seriously, love it).  The apps are incredible, and everything just works.  But the battery will barely last an hour now, and it crashes frequently.  My iPod Touch is just an extra, something I love, but I can live with out.

My cell phone (a Blackberry) is always there for me.