An interesting comment in class yesterday sparked an idea for Twitter. Twitter has always lacked a business plan, and is just now deploying one that sells to companies.

My thought is an addition to this, to sell advanced services on Twitter to companies, organizations, and governments (and non-profits). Twitter could see these services:

– Verified account status for account

– Password and account management, including:
— Organization of employee sub-accounts, with authorization and revocation of tweeting privileges.
— An assurance that the account stays with organization (so no employee can hijack account if they leave).
— The ability to see which sub-account post on the account.
— The ability to post during a downtime (a Twitter downtime or natural disaster).
— A more secure account in general.

This is something I came up with rather quickly, but I think it would enable some corporate and government organizations to increase their usage of Twitter, while funding the service.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this proposal.