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HOPE Scholarship is a Privilege

I had a nice Letter to the Editor in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today:

It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the state and its citizens to continue a students’ education beyond graduation requirements. Smart and applied students can continue their learning at graduate institutions, rather than continue to use up taxpayers’ dollars. Rather than worrying about “earning without fear of financial burdens,” why not invest in your own future? I would imagine if students paid their own college tuition bills, they would graduate in four years (or maybe even sooner).

Chris M. Lindsey, Denver (UGA ‘08 in four years)

My letter was written in response to an editorial published December 14th that explained why “super seniors” who have high grades should get continued support from Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship beyond the mandated 127 hours:

What I don’t comprehend is why students with the highest level of pride in their studies, students who dedicate time and energy to rising above the norm, are not given the chance to continue or even finish their goals […]

My proposition allows students with a 3.5 grade-point average or better to be granted the chance to appeal scholarship revocation due to exceeding the 127-credit-hour limit […]

I felt compelled to bring this injustice to the public’s attention. Yes, I could have earned one degree and graduated last May, but my résumé would have been void of a much-needed internship, and I would have had to sacrifice the presidential role of a club I have invested my heart into at UGA.

If you must have more experience, more degrees, or more résumé fillers (injustice?), please pay for your own classes. It is what students everywhere else are forced to do for their own education.  Stop wasting the money of the taxpayers of the State of Georgia. It is not their job to help you with your résumé.  It is this mindset, that people have the right to HOPE Scholarship, that will eventually run the HOPE Scholarship fund dry.

An undergraduate degree paid for by the State of Georgia is a privilege.  Enjoy it, but remember that it might not always be there.


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