Ahh, what a weekend.  Both football teams representing the division champions in the Atlantic Coast Conference (or American Cupcake Conference, if you will) were beaten by unranked Southeastern Conference teams.  Clemson was knocked off by South Carolina, and Georgia Tech got stomped by the University of Georgia Bulldogs.  What an accomplishment, winning the ACC.  Westerdawg even asked if the ACC Championship was a real thing (no way).

The best part?  All the Georgia Tech fans talking trash for the past 365 days.  You’d think they might watch out, since they’ve beaten Georgia once (ONCE!) in the past nine years.  But no, they shot their mouthes off for a whole year.  And now they can eat crow.

Some highlights:

And as the words go:

Glory, glory to old Georgia.  And to Hell with Georgia Tech!

Go Dawgs!