I wanted to write a follow-up to yesterday’s post on the White House Using the Drupal Open Source Content Management System.

There has been quite a bit of coverage following the short announcement about the White House website.

techPresident has a bit more information on why the White House decided to use Drupal as its content management system.

Tim O’Reilly, of O’Reilly Media, posted some thoughts on the announcement.  He managed to track down some specifics on what systems the White House used to implement Drupal:

That Drupal implementation is in turn running on a Red Hat Linux system with Apache, MySQL and the rest of the LAMP stack. Apache Solr is the new White House search engine.

He also mentions the White House possibly contributing back some of the code they used to implement Drupal:

The source code for Drupal (and the rest of the LAMP stack) is indeed available, but the modifications that were made to meet government security, scalability, and hosting requirements have not yet been shared. In my conversations with the new media team at the White House, it is clear that they are exploring this option.

The ZDNet open source blog thinks that this will be a good test for Drupal (and, really, open source) security – I agree.

I can’t wait to hear more details.