After several days of no comment, Nascar driver Kyle Busch has finally spoken about the last-lap wreck that happened during last weekend’s race at Daytona.

Here’s a video of the wreck (Busch is in the green #18 Toyota, Tony Stewart is in the white #14 Burger King Chevy):

Like most weeks when he finishes poorly, Kyle Busch left the track without speaking to the media, leaving his poor crew chief to try and speak for him.

But at the track on Thursday, Busch spoke to the media and blamed the wreck on Tony Stewart:

Busch claimed Stewart “dumped him,” or, caused him to wreck, and questioned if drivers should be allowed to win if they cause an accident that lets them take the lead.

“I think NASCAR can take a step in looking at it, and if the second-place driver bumps the leader, then black-flag (him),” Busch said Thursday at Chicagoland Speedway. “He doesn’t get the win.”

Seriously?  Stewart didn’t “dump” Kyle Busch.  Busch swung back up the race track to block Stewart and ran into him.  Did Busch not watch the same replay (see above)???

Wait, then Busch says this, confusing the issue even more:

“I gathered my stuff up and tried to block high and it was too late,” Busch said. “Tony was already alongside.”

Kyle: Did you cause the wreck or did Stewart?  Make up your mind.  If Stewart was already next to you, then you ran into him.

Jeff Gordon agrees with me:

“I certainly would not say that he got dumped,” four-time Cup champion Jeff Gordon said. “If Carl Edwards would have said that, I would have said the same thing. It’s not getting dumped when the guy has got a fender or bumper inside you and you turn and come across.”

Busch probably doesn’t care to listen to Jeff Gordon, but Jeff has won a hell of a lot more races and championships than Busch.