jeffco_logoI have some exciting news, which I first noted on my Facebook wall a while ago: “Chris Lindsey will be heading to Colorado in June for a great work opportunity!”

I will be going to Denver in May for a new job.  Well, not just me – Emily will be joining me!  Emily and I will be moving out to somewhere in west Denver shortly after she graduates from UGA in May.

I’ve accepted a position with the government of Jefferson County, Colorado.  I will be working a full-time internship to complete my the requirements for my degree from the University of Kansas.

Jefferson County is immediately west of Denver.  The county seat is the City of Golden, the home of the Coors Brewing Company (and the mountain stream from the commercials).  JeffCo is known as the Gateway to the Rocky Mountains, and the beauty shows it.  When I was interviewing for the job, I could look out the office windows and see the Rockies.

I’m really excited about working for Jefferson County.  They are very innovative and were featured last July in ICMA’s Public Management magazine for their method of prioritizing county services.

And they have a county blog (here) that’s advertised prominently on their homepage.  How unique is that?!  The very first post on Conversations with JeffCo was from the County Administrator.  He even responded to concerned citizens in the comments.

So the next few months will be hectic.  But I will update everyone after Emily and I get settled in.

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