If you noticed the new look on the site, I recently changed to the Hybrid News theme (from Theme Hybrid).  I began using the MNML theme exactly a year ago today  (total coincidence, really) and I loved it the whole time.  MNML is a beautiful theme that allows for integration of asides along with regular posts.  But lately development on the MNML theme has fallen by the wayside, and it hasn’t supported many of WordPress’ new features (gravatars and threaded comments come to mind).

I’ve been looking around for the past, well, months for a new theme, and I’ve finally decided on Hybrid News.  It is a great looking theme, it’s very professional, and I hope everyone here likes it.  And if you don’t, let me know.

If you notice any problems with the site, please PLEASE please contact me or post a comment.

I’m going to mention what I customized after the jump.

I’ve done a bit of customizing to get the Hybrid News theme functioning in a manner I like.  I’ve been addicted to asides recently, so I added some CSS to allow for more inline asides (I basically hide the title of the post and the post meta information).  Here is the CSS to do that if you are interested:

.home .category-asides .entry-title {



.home .category-asides .byline {



.home .category-asides .post-meta-data {

clear: both;

display: block;

font-size: .9em;

font-style: italic;

color: #777;


.home .category-asides .entry-content {

overflow: hidden;

height: 100%;

margin: 0 24px 0 0;

padding: 3px 0 0 24px;

border: none;


I also adapted the same code from earlier (with a different background color) to highlight my comments. Here is the code for that:

.bypostauthor {

background-color: #009ACD !important;


These CSS code snippets can be added to the style.css file.

I also am not too big a fan of the highlighting of categories under the header (look up top). But all I can really change are the categories that show up. So I’m using the following code to highlight certain categories:

function news_category_menu_args($args)

{ $args = array(

/* 'depth' => 4, */

'include' => '9,12,13,153,6', );

return $args;


That code replaces the existing php element in the functions.php file.

The Hybrid News theme is a bit hard to customize.  A lot of the functions are hidden away in different files (I had to look through 8 files to figure out what code was showing my email address on an author page that I don’t really need but can’t get rid of).  Part of the difficulty with customization is that the Hybrid News theme (like many these days) has so much functionality built-in (what was once plugin functionality) and there are so many options.  These make for a beginner-friendly theme, but it can be difficult for the more advanced WordPress user to customize.