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Georgia wins, 52 to 38. That was amazing. Chris out.

Wow. Gamble has tied an NCAA record for linebacker returning interceptions for touchdowns.

Georgia is landing back in Athens tonight. CBS guys said this is the first time since the 70s they will be coming into Athens. We need to prepare for next week. Richt is 28-4 in away games.

Ha! Mohamed Mossaquoi catches the onside kick!

LSU with a 41 yard reception for touchdown. Reshad Jones missed again. Damn, son, you gotta lay it down and cover. This is why I hate zone defense. We play better man than zone, every time. 52-38, UGA. And LSU prepares the onside kick.

Daryl Gamble catches another interception and runs it back for another touchdown. 13 tackles and 2 interceptions for touchdowns. If Richt won’t score, the Defense surely will.

Louisville beats South Florida, Virginia beats Georgia Tech, and Texas barely wins.

Georgia comes with the pressure on fourth and 8 and LSU throws an incompletion.

BOOM! Asher Allen rocks a wide receiver after tipping the ball the play before and almost causing an interception.

Damnit. I’m talking good about Bobo, and then we run three times in a row off 1st and 25.

And LSU scores. 45-31, UGA.

And then LSU hits a bomb and gets to inside the Georgia 5. That time Rennie Curran missed his assignment.

Huge LSU holding penalty offsets a long run. Thank you.

Stafford runs a qb draw and runs 12 for the touchdown! Boom!

Holy cow. We faked a screen and hit AJ Green, who faked out a safety and got to the 10 yard line.

2 great runs by Moreno. CBS shows stats of offense with and without Southerland. Amazing. That guy is huge.

BOOM! Jarius Wynn was held and still makes the sack on third and 10.

Wow, Richt is having a talk on the sideline. Everyone around him and paying attention.

End of third, 38-24 UGA.

UGA has to kick a 52 yard field goal. Walsh just barely misses, wide right. It had the distance though. Not a bad call.

Holy cow!!!! Aron White makes a tremendous catch for about forty yards. White wasn’t even supposed to play today b/c of an injury. We started on our 10 because of a muffed kickoff catch by Ramarcus Brown.

Holy cow!!!! Aron White makes a tremendous catch for about forty yards. White wasn’t even supposed to play today b/c of an injury.

LSU answers with a quick score off a Georgia late hit penalty.

MORENO!!!! I KNOW SHON!!!! He breaks like 4 tackles, makes it through a huge pile, and takes it 60 yards for the touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tigers try and draw UGA offsides and instead catch their own linemen on a false start. And LSU misses the field goal! Awesome.

Hatch has a nice throw and gets the ball to field goal range. Damn.

We got a ton of pressure with Justin Houston (redshirt freshman) and Hatch gets intentional grounding.

Hatch runs the qb draw on third and 4. Everyone knew it was going to happen, and we let him get a first and he almost broke for a td.

Damnit!!! LSU fake punt for a first down. LSU brings in qb Hatch for relief.

My brother just called me. I was screaming because of the touchdown. And he lets me know he killed a 10-point whitetail.

Rennie Curran! Boom, again!!! He stops a nice kickoff return.

LSU blitzes and Stafford hits AJ Green (for his first completion) and Green takes it for a TD.

Holy crap! Stafford hurls one to get rid of it after being chased, and somehow Kris Durham comes up with it. Wow.

BOOM! Darryl Gamble lays down the receiver!

BOOM! Rennie Curran with the hit!

Georgia has a slot receiver line up on the line, illegal formation. Three and out after Stafford sacked. Damnit.

Ramarcus Brown catches the kickoff on the 1 yard line, and returns it to the 38. He was about to break free, but ran into a Georgia blocker.

Sweet, Knowshon averages 7.4 yards per carry.

I’m always a pessimist, but I think we need to come out harder. Our D needs to keep making good stops, the Offense needs to keep moving the field and opening up holes for Knowshon, and we need good play-calling from the box. No more long throws on second and 10.

WHAT??? We did that and got the ball back, and then we throw a slant to Moreno and let the clock run out? Again, stop the conservativeness.

Boom! Houston gets inside and blocks the screen pass! Georgia will get the ball back with a little bit before the half.

SEC officials have had way too many clock issues this year.

Blair Walsh puts up a 50-yard field goal!!!

Gary Danielson calls Moreno “a karate expert or something.”

Reshad Jones make a pick, awesome. BOOM!

Second three and out for UGA. Ugh. We need some more defensive stops.

Great play by LSU WR. On the 2, and then they run right in. 21-17, LSU.

CBS just showed Florida, who beat Kentucky 63-3. I’m sorry, but that’s uncalled for. A sixty point lead? Kiss my a$$, Florida. Completely unnecessary and completely unsportsmanlike, but just like Florida.

Hale says that Kris Durham has been back on the field. I didn’t see him, but that rocks.

Georgia goes conservative on third and 10. Stafford hits Moreno for about 5. I hate conservative play calling. Guess where that has gotten us in the past? You think USC, Texas, LSU, and Florida call plays conservatively? Wake up.

Stafford threw long to Green. Green made an amazing catch, was way out of bounds.

Wow, CBS showed the replay. We got way lucky on the pass interference penalty. The ball wasn’t tipped.

LSU kicks a field goal. 21-10, UGA. But UGA only had 10 men on the field, wtf?

Oh crap, they waved it off. SWEET!

Wow, that was ugly. Asher Allen, you threw away the third and long and commited pass interference.

Bleh, they are running over us again.

We’re breaking in plenty of good wide receivers for this game. Strange, but we’re throwing to WRs other than Green and MoMass.

Beginning of the second. Stafford audibles a fade and hits Kenneth Harris for a TD! 21-7, UGA!

CBS showed, but Southerland make a great block to let Moreno make a great run for quite a few yards. And then Stafford threads one to Demiko Goodman. Where has he been all year?

Boom! A couple stops by Rennie Curran and Georgia’s D takes LSU three and out.

Munzenmaier, fullback, runs for a 1 yard touchdown. What? Who cares! 14-7, UGA.

Wow, we played two fullbacks on third and 1. Chapas lays a block and Moreno gets a good 7 yards.

Two good throws to Michael Moore, and then Stafford overthrows AJ Green.

Damn! Massaquoi was wide open and Stafford overthrew him by 2 yards. Damn.

Finally we run on first down, but Moreno goes between the tackles and has to work hard to get 1 yard.

LSU scores. Bleh. Our Defense needs to come out strong next time. We can stop them.

Ugh, we’re stopping them finally, but they are already in the red zone.

Shoot, they are blocking Rennie Curran. We can’t let that happen.

Looks like LSU is running all over us. Through the air and on the ground. Come on D!

Ah, amazing. We have to keep this up.

OH YES!!! Gamble makes a pick on the first play of the game! Darryl Gamble takes is back for a touchdown!!!

Vance Cuff makes the tackle on the opening kickoff. LSU almost makes the corner, will start on 37.

Game is getting ready to start. I’m posting some links.

David Hale is liveblogging this as well.

The Bulldawg Blawg has a post on why Blair Walsh looked bad last week.

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