2004 was a great year, and that was an amazing game. I’m getting pumped for the LSU game this weekend, and I really wish I was going to be at the game. 2004 was my first year at the University of Georgia, and I still remember that morning of the first home game – I woke up at 7:30 am and the people were already crowding campus and I could hear the fight song being played. I love the SEC. The opponent was Georgia Southern, and my car got hit in the parking lot of O-House during the game (not a negative, it was a Georgia Southern bands truck and they filed a police report that I found out about after discovering my car, crooked in a parking space).

I got to cheer for the likes of David Greene, David Pollack (who went to my high school!), Reggie Brown, Fred Gibson (sorry Fred, I love you, but I think AJ Green might be better), Tyson Browning, Greg Blue, Will Thompson, and Odell Thurman (2004 roster). We finished the season in Tampa Bay at the Outback Bowl, where we stomped Wisconsin at the Outback bowl. I went down with my whole family and we had a great time.

I don’t know how Saturday will turn out for us, but here’s the video that gets me pumped up for games, or anything really. Paul Westerdawg made that video, and it’s an alternate version of the scoreboard video that is played right before kickoff.

I’m going to be liveblogging the game, using FriendFeed’s new real-time feature to embed a room here on the site. Anyone who wants should be able to participate (I think). Make sure to check back on Saturday!

Go Dawgs!