I’ve already talked about the Transportation Security Administration before. Now The Atlantic reports on the many ways terrorists could get around the TSA. Among the many issues with the airport security:

… the transportation-security officer in charge of my secondary screening emptied my carry-on bag of nearly everything it contained, including a yellow, three-foot-by-four-foot Hezbollah flag, purchased at a Hezbollah gift shop in south Lebanon. The flag features, as its charming main image, an upraised fist clutching an AK-47 automatic rifle.

And he got through screening, no problem.

I didn’t know you could take medical supplies of more than three ounces in a carry-on (this is indeed true):

Later, Schneier would carry two bottles labeled saline solution—24 ounces in total—through security. An officer asked him why he needed two bottles. “Two eyes,” he said. He was allowed to keep the bottles.

The author, Jeffrey Goldberg, and security expert named Bruce Schneier made it through TSA checkpoints at multiple airports multiple times with homemade boarding passes. Made in Schneier’s “sophisticated underground forgery works, which consists of a Sony VAIO laptop and an HP LaserJet printer.”

And for someone wishing to cause harm, it is extremely easy to get on a flight, even if your name is on the No-Fly-List:

To slip through the only check against the no-fly list, the terrorist uses a stolen credit card to buy a ticket under a fake name. “Then you print a fake boarding pass with your real name on it and go to the airport. You give your real ID, and the fake boarding pass with your real name on it, to security. They’re checking the documents against each other. They’re not checking your name against the no-fly list—that was done on the airline’s computers. Once you’re through security, you rip up the fake boarding pass, and use the real boarding pass that has the name from the stolen credit card. Then you board the plane, because they’re not checking your name against your ID at boarding.”

Scary stuff. Even more reason we need real reform.