The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer‘s David Hale just posted an interview with former University of Georgia offensive lineman (and two time All-American) Matt Stinchcomb.  I like when Hale asks about nutritional habits after football:

David Hale: You said you didn’t necessarily have the best nutritional habits. After you were done playing, how hard was it to stay in shape without the regimented routine of football to keep you active?

Matt Stinchcomb: Since you’re not as physically active, and you’re not getting paid to be over 300 pounds any more, you can go one of two ways — you can keep inflating or you can strip it off. The best way to do that is to probably stop drinking four glasses of gravy every day, maybe substitute an apple every once in a while instead of a bag of fun-sized Snickers. Some things that some guys — including me — had to do to keep their weight on was pretty extreme, and it’s amazing once you stop that how the pounds just peel right off. My thing was apples. For about a year, every time I got hungry, I’d eat an apple, and those things are like magic. It’s amazing Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are still in business when you can go to the produce section and suck down some Granny Smiths every time you get a hankering, and next thing you know, you’re 80 or 90 pounds lighter — and you’re awful regular, too, man.

Four glasses of gravy (???) and a bag of fun-sized Snickers a day.  A snack in the life of an o-lineman.