This is pretty funny:

Anyways, in the Lawrence-Journal World this week, a reporter by the name of Robert Riley took to the streets to ask Lawrencians about Kansas’ loss to South Florida. While wandering Lawrence’s main drag, Massachusetts St., he ran into a 5-foot-11 male student from Austin, Tx. who is a junior majoring in Economics. The student happened to be waiting for some friends outside a store, so he very kindly obliged to answer any of Riley’s questions.

As the LJ World’s Tom Keegan wrote in a column today, here is how the conversation went:

Riley: “Has the KU football team’s recent loss shaken your faith in the team?”
Student: “I sure hope not.”
Riley: “Why’s that?”
Student: “I’m on the team.”
Riley: “What position do you play?”
Student: “I’m the quarterback.”