Georgia Coach on Football In The South

I should be finishing a paper right now, but this quote is priceless. The quote is buried in this post by the Ledger-Enquirer’s David Hale (his blog is amazing, by the way).

Hale discusses Jon Fabris, Georgia defensive ends coach (and special teams coach, I believe), who once coached in the PAC-10 conference. The significance here is that Georgia plays a PAC-10 team this weekend, Arizona State.

Hale asks Coach Fabris about the differences between the Southeastern Conference and the PAC-10, and Fabris talks about the fan base:

“It’s more of an entertainment thing, people like to go to the games to be entertained,” Fabris said. “Some places it’s like, we like football in the fall, we like basketball in the winter. Here, it’s like, we like fall football and winter recruiting and spring football and spring recruiting.”

I absolutely love that last sentence – “Here, it’s like, we like fall football and winter recruiting and spring football and spring recruiting.” Everything is about football, and it’s completely true.

And I should add that I mean no disrespect to my KU brethren, but in Kansas it seems football is something to pass the time during the basketball off-season (also see the last post on KU’s quarterback, who even the press don’t recognize on the street).

PS – I also love Coach Martinez (the defensive coordinator) and how he answered media questions after a bit of a breakdown in the defense last weekend:

Q: Richt mentioned that Rudy Carpenter’s completion percentage is higher when teams blitz.
A: That could be true.

Q: What concerns presented themselves on South Carolina’s last two possessions? The majority of their yards came on their last two drives?
A: The last three series.

Q: On the TV, I think Danielson was saying the safety was responsible as well.
A: Could have.

Q: If you look at it, it looks like it might be Ramarcus (Brown) for people that don’t know what the safety’s responsibility is on that play.
A: It wasn’t him.

Q: Will there be any personnel moves?
A: There could be.

Ha! Show the enemy nothing!