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Georgia Tech Student Needs Kissing Lessons

A 20-year old Georgia Tech student is advertising on CraigsList to find kissing lessons.  He has never kissed anyone and his online girlfriend of 5 years is coming to visit him.  Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this:

I’m a 20 yearold GA Tech student who has never kissed. I have been going out with a girl online for the last 5 years and she’s finally coming down to see me on the 11th. She tells me it’s a big turn-off if a guy doesn’t know how to kiss, and she even dumped her last boyfriend because of this. I want to make a good first impression, but I’ve never kissed before! Please, I need a girl to practice kissing with, nothing else!! Just kissing lesson – nothing more nothing less!

He’s even had an online “girlfriend” for 5 years.  Ha!  Only at Georgia Tech.

He even posted his picture, along with his Georgia Tech email address.  This was reported on Fox 5 News in Atlanta this evening, according to an unnamed Georgia Tech source.  As soon as they put up a story, I will provide the link.

I love making fun of the kids at Georgia Tech, and they always make it so easy.


The story has been confirmed, and the story is up on the Fox 5 News webpage along with a video of the story shown yesterday.

“Some people think I’m just trying to, um, get some action.”  And his mom confirms his story.  This really couldn’t get any better.

*Update 2*

This story made Fox News.


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  1. Mark

    I love it! They even said they hope he gets his “happy ending.” Awesome.

  2. Thanks Mark. That was definitely the best part of the video.

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