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Firefox 3 is Released!

Firefox 3 was released this morning!  Get excited, because version 3 is amazing.  I’ve been using the betas since January, and I love it.

Firefox 3 has amazingly low memory usage and loads javascript so fast.  Want that in non-tech terms?  Firefox 3 runs really fast and loads websites like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Remember the Milk, ect. really fast.

See Mozilla Links 5 Minute Review of Firefox 3.

Download Firefox 3 now!

They are doing having a contest to become the most downloaded program, so make sure you download Firefox today!

Download Day 2008

PS-One of my favorite websites, Lifehacker, has lots of Firefox 3 coverage and tricks.  See here for all of the LH coverage.


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  1. bob

    Wrong!!! Firefox 3 has high memory usage and is not that fast and renders images very slowly. Acid test or not these are all myths and hype to promote the browser and move people to open source. Bloatware!

  2. Bob, I’m sorry you don’t like Firefox. But, your point needs refuting. Here is a post from Slashdot yesterday. And to quote the article, “These are real-world tests and not contrived benchmarks.”

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