The Smoking Gun has the indictment of 48-year old Henry T. Nicholas III, the co-founder of Broadcom, a company that makes broadband circuits.  He is worth over $2 billion and was indicted for having and distributing controlled substances.

As his indictment shows, if you’re going to get busted for dope, why not go out in style.  From TSG:

A technology billionaire was a drug fiend who trafficked in cocaine, Ecstasy, and methamphetamine, spiked the drinks of business associates and employees, hired prostitutes for himself and others, and maintained several narcotics dens, including one in an underground lair at his Los Angeles mansion, prosecutors charge. In a remarkable federal indictment unsealed today in Los Angeles, Broadcom co-founder Henry T. Nicholas III is portrayed as an out-of-control wild man who scored drug caches for Super Bowl parties and rock festivals and had his dealer invoice him for these illicit purchases.

Even better:

On one occasion, in the lobby of Broadcom’s southern California headquarters, he directed an employee to provide cash to a courier “in exchange for an envelope containing controlled substances,” the indictment charges.

And last, and certainly the best, style points:

On a drug-fueled 2001 private plane flight–during which Nicholas allegedly used and distributed narcotics–the pilot was forced to don an oxygen mask due to the “marijuana smoke and fumes.”