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WordPress 2.5 is now using WordPress 2.5, the latest stable release of the venerable open source blogging software.  The release notification is here, screencast of the new admin panel here, and the download and install information is here.

I really like the new admin panel in WordPress 2.5.  Most used items are placed prominently, while little used links are placed out of the way.  WordPress 2.5 also runs considerable faster for me, which is always a plus.

Now, if only Eng would update his Akismet Spam script to WordPress 2.5, I would be in heaven.


How To: Highlight Author Comments in WordPress


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    Auntie Spam 2.20 with WP 2.5 support (still backwards compatible to 2.3)

  2. Eng, thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate that.

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