I’m so stoked about this football season, even though we didn’t get to go to the national title game or the Rose Bowl. So I was ecstatic to see that the New York Times had an article about our prospects for being ranked number 1 for next season.

PS- As I sat through hour long quarters watching Georgia dominate the University of Hawaii at the Sugar Bowl, I realized the commercialization of college football was happening on the field in front of me.

Also, for more information on the bad coverage, see here and here.


And here is Marcus Howard, the Sugar Bowl MVP, on why you don’t talk trash.

On their plan coming in:
Coach Martinez said, ‘Hit Colt Brennan.’ He made it a big statement, a big priority. He said, ‘If he ran the option, don’t fan out, just hit him. When he passes the ball, as long as it’s legal, hit him.’ And that’s what we did. Our priority was to hit Colt Brennan. That’s what the defense did.

On whether Colt Brennan talked any trash to him:
He said one thing one time and that’s what really got me hyped up. I had a good pressure and he had an incomplete pass, but it was an interference and he jumped in my face. I think that just triggered me and I just passed that emotion onto the defense.

On when that happened:
That was in the first quarter before the first sack. He just jumped in my face and went, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ It just triggered me.