Smack in the middle of finals week, I thought it would be useful to tell the world what I listen to while studying (and writing).

I love DJ Shaggy, and his techno shortwave podcasts are great to listen to while studying. He provides mp3s that are around 2 hours long, and there is a huge archive of old podcasts.

My all-time favorite station to listen to while studying or writing is I played cello for a long time, and this soothing sounds of classical music keep my attention focused on the task at hand. provides several sources for their streaming radio station, and here is the one I listen to. It is amazing how often I hear a piece that I played in the orchestra back in high school (Thanks, Mr. Rieke!).

Anyways, if you need to concentrate while doing something on the computer (and I know we all have trouble with that), these are the sounds I like to hear.