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And now, if you will permit me, a brief rant.

As you might know, there was much controversy having to do with the Georgia Bulldog’s celebration (and penalties) after scoring the first touchdown of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (this one’s for you, Michael F. Adams). Many termed the celebration classless, and, of course, former Florida coach and hated enemy of Georgia, Steve Spurrier, had something to add:

“I guess they lost so much to Florida they got to the point they said, ‘Hey, let’s try something different,’ ” said South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, who went 11-1 against Georgia at Florida. “Let’s all run out there and go crazy and act like a bunch of happy Bulldogs or something, and don’t worry about the 15-yard penalty.”

That quote from the ol’ ball coach is actually humorous, since he was the one that lacked class in his 1995 victory over UGA, where he won 52-17 in an effort to break the record for most points scored against UGA in Sanford Stadium.

But let’s talk about the classiest act of the 2007 Georgia-Florida game.

With 3:25 left in the second quarter, #98 (Greg Billinger) for the Gators slammed Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford after Stafford had taken a knee because he heard whistles blowing after receiving the snap; he hit Stafford after about 2 seconds of no one on the field moving and about 4 seconds after Stafford had taken a knee. And Georgia doesn’t have class?

It’s alright, though, because shortly after that, Stafford handed the ball off to redshirt freshman Knowshon Moreno (Herschel Walker, anyone?) who went right, bounced off UGA senior tackle Chester Adams, went back across the field, and ran for a touchdown as Matt Stafford laid a block for him.

There is no doubt that Georgia (and head coach Mark Richt, with newly grown Senate and House of Representatives) did something outlandishly strange when the entire team cleared the bench to celebrate the first touchdown. I myself, in the student section at the game, was pretty upset, knowing that we celebrated in order to kick off from the 8-yard line.

I believe that what happened when Georgia celebrated their first score of the Florida game will be the beginning of a new era of football at the University of Georgia. Mark Richt made his stand in the swamps of Florida, and here’s to hoping that this lasts for a long time.

In case you want to see the box score, check here.