Do you make flashcards frequently? Would you rather save some trees and use electronic flashcards? Or would you rather learn them more effectively, using the Leitner system?

Try JMemorize, a Java-based flashcard learning system where flashcards are made efficient to create and learn and are fun to use.

jMemorize logo

JMemorize is distributed under the GNU GPL license, meaning this software is free as in beer and speech.

JMemorize Screen

I really like this software, and I have used it a lot recently while studying vocabulary for the GRE. jMemorize is a really good flashcard program for learning a foreign language, and I wish I had used this when I was taking Arabic.

One thing I really like about this project is that the developer is easy to get in touch with. I recently contacted him and suggested some changes to the keyboard shortcuts and asked him for the project logo to use in this post. As you can probably see, he got back in touch with me.