As many have realized by now, I am a major Nascar fan.

And like every Nascar fan, I have been engaged by the ongoing decision of what car Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be driving during the 2008 Nascar Nextel Cup season. When I say ‘car’, that is more than just the sheet metal on a rollcage. This includes the number Junior will run (the numbers on the sides of the car are owned, and stay with, team owners in Nascar) and the sponsor whose logos adorn the car.

Today, all the rumors have been put to rest, as Rick Hendrick and Dale Jr. announced that Junior will be driving the #88 car next season, with sponsorship by Pepsi (specifically Amp Energy Drink and Mountain Dew) and the National Guard (the current sponsor for the fourth car in Hendrick Motorsports).


And what about Budweiser, whose red and white logo currently adorns Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s #8 racecar?

Budweiser will sponsor the red #9 Dodge of Kasey Kahne.


Alright, now the rant begins.

Why is Budweiser sponsoring Kasey Kahne next year??? Kahne has done horrible this year and is 22nd in the Nascar Nextel Cup standings. If I was Budweiser and I was the third largest sponsor in Nascar, I would want someone who would assuredly do well and get my logo on TV as often as possible.

I don’t think Kasey Kahne and Gillett Evernham Motorsports can do that.

If I wanted the best finish for the lowest possible price, I would go with Juan Pablo Montoya. I think he is Nascar’s biggest up and coming driver, and I think he will do extremely well this next season.