It seems that the Noah Mink and I, of the UGA Black Tie Party, haven’t been the only ones to notice the glaring problems with the University of Georgia’s online student information system:

Usability is a very important concept to me. I’m a computer programmer, and…well, have you ever had to deal with computer programs that were so utterly unintuitive that they were a complete pain to use? (UGA students, I need only mention one word: OASIS. All the counter-intuitiveness of an IBM 3270 terminal, made even less user-friendly by sticking a fake GUI on top.) There’s a whole field within computer science that’s known as human-computer interaction, dealing with how to design an interface that actually makes sense to a typical user and not just to the programmer.

OASIS, the Online Access to Student Information Systems, a cobbled together front-end for an outdated system.

I have always had issues with OASIS, including its horrible usability, its hours (the server must be shut down every night for some strange reason), and most of all, the fact that a Social Security number is required and must be typed in to login to OASIS (umm, can you say keylogger?).