I’m proud to have a column in the Red and Black today, correcting some error’s in a letter yesterday.

A copy of the column is after the jump.

I would like to take the time to respond to Jeremiah Johnson’s Aug. 21 letter, “SGA crucial to Key changes, campaign.” Johnson’s letter made me laugh when I read it because our student government association has done absolutely nothing to “Save the Key.” Johnson did create a group on Facebook that did bring to light the issues with The Key to many students, but that is the extent of anything that even remotely could be contributed to our illustrious SGA.

Let me review the history of The Key for Mr. Johnson. In March 2006 the University administration decided to immediately take offline copies of The Key that included grades from 1999 through 2006. The Black Tie Party previously had downloaded these pages and made them available again on their own Web site. SGA did not make these grades available, but instead linked to the Black Tie Party Web site while stating they had “Saved the Key.”

In April 2006, University President Michael Adams said SGA would now be responsible for The Key. In those 17 months, which grades has SGA made available for students?

SGA has put online grades for four semesters, the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 school years, in two separate locations.

And the 2006-2007 grades available were incorrect initially and remained that way for over a month until they were corrected by the University.

Now SGA won’t even link to the one place where students can find all The Key grades (UGAkey.com), and instead they have made a link to their shortened-version of The Key impossible to find on their Web site. You would think SGA would want to show off The Key they worked so hard to save.

Myself and several others decided to create UGAkey.com, and we asked SGA representatives for the all of the recent grade data for The Key. They refused to give it to us.

We were told students wouldn’t trust an independent Web site for The Key and that if we wanted the grades, we would have to make The Key available through the SGA Web site only.

The problem with this is the grade data is an open record, protected by the laws of the State of Georgia. We filed a request with the University, which was legally obligated to give us the grade data we sought over the objections of our SGA.

Is this the type of student government we need at this University, one that works against students gaining access to the full Key while touting they have done the most to “Save the Key?” I think not.

Say what you want, Mr. Johnson, but SGA actually has worked against those wanting to make The Key available for their fellow students. While you were cursing at The Red & Black’s coverage of SGA’s amazing effort to “Save the Key,” some students have worked tirelessly to make it available again.

Chris Lindsey is a senior from Grayson and co-founder of UGAkey.com.