I’m really proud to say that the UGA Key is back online at UGAKey.com. The Key is a database of grades given out in University of Georgia courses since 1999.

The Key was originally published by UGA’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness, but was taken down in March of 2006 (for the full history, see here). The University of Georgia Student Government Association originally did not fight to keep The Key online, but later told students they had worked with the University to ensure that The Key would be made available to the student body by SGA.

The Key was never fully put online by SGA. Parts of The Key were placed online at three different websites, each with a different format, thus incredibly hard to use and be useful.

I worked with my two friends, Noah Mink and Paul Ruddle, to put The Key back online in a usable form. I think it can be considered the first web app any of us has created, and I think it has turned out pretty well.

So, if you have been wondering why I have been quiet lately (here and in my offline life), it is because I have been putting this together.

Here’s the press release regarding the new website:

August 12, 2007

Contact: Paul Ruddle
contact AT ugakey . com

UGAKey.com, a website containing grades for most University of Georgia courses since 1999, is now online.

UGAKey.com contains grade distributions, listed by professor, for undergraduate courses taught at UGA from Fall 1999 to Spring 2007, not including summer sessions, labs, or sections with fewer than ten students. The website also includes plus/minus data for courses taught beginning in Fall 2006.

The website was developed by UGA students Chris Lindsey, Noah Mink and Paul Ruddle.

Developer Chris Lindsey says, “The Key has been scattered across cyberspace for over a year. It is hard to believe that other organizations on campus, especially the Student Government Association, have yet to make it easy for students to find this grade data online in a single location. Now UGAKey.com is available for all students to use and will stay available in perpetuity.”

Developer Noah Mink has always wanted to make sure The Key was available to students and previously worked through the Black Tie Party to do so. Noah says, “People like to say, ‘somebody should do something.’ I got tired of this mindset, so I’m glad we were able to get this done.”

The website also includes a history of The Key since 1995.

Future plans for the website include adding a course evaluation system and including course syllabi.

UGAKey.com is not affiliated with the University of Georgia or University System of Georgia. The developers urge students to take multiple factors into consideration when planning a course of study at UGA.