I’m so stoked about this amazing night race, that I have just now decided to liveblog it! I hope everyone enjoys this.

If you want to see live updates on the running order, check here. If you wants to see Fox Sports’ liveblogging, check here. Also, to see the pit selections, see here.

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If anyone wants to know my bias(es) for this race, I’m pulling, as always, for Jimmie Johnson and the crew of the #48 Lowe’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. On my Yahoo Sports fantasy racing team are Jeff Gordon (A List), Ryan Newman and Mark Martin (B List), and Johnny Sauter (C List). Let me tell you how glad I am that I picked Gordon over Steward for the A List. Lastly, based on what is in my cup, I am pulling for the #07 Chevy of Clint Bowyer.

Pre-race: How old is this girl that is singing the National Anthem?

Lap 4: I told my girlfriend (Hey Emily! I love you!) that Kasey Kahne (#9 Dodge Dealers/UAM Dodge) would not do well today. Well, Kasey didn’t even make it through 4 laps. Damn right!

Lap 16: HA! What idiots! Tony Stewart (#20 Home Depot Chevrolet) got into his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Denny Hamlin (#11 FedEx Chevrolet). Probably two of the best cars this evening, taken out way too early. And they took out Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (#8 Budweiser Chevrolet). And then Tony reams Denny in his interview, saying Denny doesn’t understand the word team. Funny, since Denny and Tony worked together so Denny won his first Nextel Cup race (non-points) last year at Daytona at the Budweiser Shootout.

Lap 26: Ha, did you hear that? RCR driver Clint Bowyer (#07 Jack Daniel’s Chevrolet) was asked by his teammate Kevin Harvick (#29 Pennzoil Chevrolet) how two-tires reacted. His reply, “Tell him to ask me after the race.” Wow, teammates working hard together, can’t you tell?

Lap 30: I puckered up a little when Ryan Newman (#12 Alltel Dodge) almost clipped Jeff Burton (#31 AT&T Chevrolet).

Lap 34: Jeff Gordon (#24 Dupont/Pepsi Chevrolet) and Jimmie Johnson (#48 Lowe’s Chevrolet) have finally hooked up and are working together in the draft!

Lap 55: Holy smokes, did you see the replay of Kyle Busch (#5 Kellogg’s Chevrolet) loose and saving it twice??? Wow. Just wow.

Lap 57: Rookie Juan Pablo Montoya (#42 Halvoline Dodge) just got into Kevin Harvick, pushing him into the wall. That just ruined Harvick’s day, messing up his evening. He probably won’t be competitive after this, as it messed up his right side aerodynamics.

Lap 79: Ignition box trouble for Clint Bowyer. No problem, problems like this are common. He is back up to speed, and still on the lead lap, so no big worry. This is Daytona, he will be speeding back to the front shortly.

Lap 85: Nothing big happening on the track, but I just want to address one thing. Okay, this is Daytona, and like Talladega, there is something called the draft. The draft is an aerodynamics thing, where multiple cars can run faster than one car alone, because they split the air resistance between them. This means there are a lot of lead changes at these tracks. A lot. And if your fav driver gets “hung out to dry” and suddenly drops back 15 or more spots, don’t worry. It happens. He will be back up to the front shortly. Just hope this doesn’t happen to your favorite driver on the last lap.

Lap 108: Good lord, the Roush teams just pitted together to take advantage of the draft when leaving pit road. And Matt Kenseth (#17 DeWalt Ford) locked up his brakes coming while slowing to pit road speed and almost lost it. Dang, you’d expect a little more from an experienced driver like Kenseth, a former Nextel Cup Champion.

Lap 111: Haha, Ken Schrader (#21 Air Force Ford) just slid through his pit stall, and almost ran over a Nascar official in the process. Ha, the official dove/fell over the wall!

Lap 116: Damn, while leaving pit road after yellow flag tire changes, David Stremme (#40 Coor’s Light Dodge) was nailed by Paul Menard (#15 Menard’s Chevrolet) leaving his pit stall. The replay shows another Nascar official diving over the wall, successfully avoiding the car.

Lap 117: I really hope this pit stop doesn’t decide the race. My boy, Jimmie Johnson, stayed out, which I think might have been a mistake.

Lap 132: Goodness gracious, what a wreck. Juan Pablo Montoya was up on top of the car of Bobby Labonte (#43 Cheerios Dodge). If you get to see any replay, watch this one.

Lap 132: Damn, did Casey Mears (#25 National Guard Chevrolet) just stay out? He might have been the only one, and if so, that is a big mistake. And dangit, some people took two tires??? Mistake. Also, this nullifies any mistakes made by not pitting during the last yellow flag (whew).

Lap 135: Lol, the communication from Jimmie Johnson’s spotter: “25 laps left, you better hold on tight.”

Lap 148: Kyle Busch is an idiot. Driving like a chicken with his head cut off. If he wrecks my guy, I’m gonna be pissed.

Lap 151: Just as Jimmie Johnson gets shaken out of line by Clint Bowyer (Johnson was going to lose a lot of positions), the caution comes out, freezing the field order right when the yellow flag flies. Phew.

Postrace: A couple of thoughts-

  • Damn, that was about as close as it gets. Congratulations to Jamie McMurray! Awesome victory.
  • Kyle Busch, what an idiot. During the postrace interview, Kyle said he didn’t have any teammates out there. Maybe if he got his head out of his behind, he would still have a few teammates. He sacrificed good finishes for all of his teammates by playing rough there at the end.
  • Yeah, I was puckered up the last 9 laps there.
  • Fantasy team finished well. I wish Jimmie could have finished better, but that is drafting at the big tracks.
  • The race winner, Jamie McMurray, won this evening after getting black flagged early on in the race for passing below the yellow (out of bounds) line. Good job driving the wheels off that car.

Ultimately, that was an amazing race. I think this race shows just how good the current car is in Nascar Nextel Cup competition. This race wasn’t as long as usual, but it was a good one. And I really hate to see Jack Roush (and his Irwin Industrial Tools Ford) in victory lane, breaking the dominance of Chevrolet at the restrictor plate tracks.

This was my first liveblogging experience, and I really enjoyed it. While I didn’t see all of the race because I was typing a lot (and iming a lot), I really liked sharing my comments on here. I hope you enjoyed it too. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime.

Good night everybody!