I’ve been doing a bit of web development lately, and I’m always surprised when I look around for a good content management system (CMS, in web lingo).

Several sites I work on were using plain ol’ HTML, which has become too much of a hassle these days. With any decent CMS, you can separate site design and content creation. With HTML, you always have to work on both design and content at the same time, otherwise you will have a webpage with blocks missing here or there.

I am now transitioning most of the sites I run over to WordPress, the blogging software that recently won the Webware 100 in the Publishing category.

The best part of the ‘WordPress as a CMS’ was unveiled with WordPress version 2.1, the ability to use a page as the homepage (and not a list of recent posts).

Earlier this week, WordPress lead developer Matt Mullenwag linked to an article that provides justification for using WordPress for non-blog websites.

Anyways, if you use WordPress or are working on a website, I wholeheartedly recommend using WordPress. It is a great system, and provides the flexibility, themes and plugins, and community support for any site, blog or not.