The BBC has a great article about universities across the world moving their email services over to Google (Gmail).

I really am a big fan of Gmail, and I really wish the University of Georgia would move to Google’s Apps for Education.

I would really like to hear UGA’s reasoning for not moving to a FREE service like Google’s. The University could get rid of all the IT staff involved in managing our email servers and checking for spam, and we might be able to hire a few more professors. I hate to see UGA kicking long-term employees to the street, but how long have we heard that UGA is scraping the bottom of the barrel to provide a decent educational experience?

And it isn’t just the money (well, everything at UGA is related, at least indirectly, to money). With UGA’s mail service, students have 19.07 megabytes of email storage. Does any administrator at UGA know how little that is? 19 MB?!?!

Plus, UGA has been recently begun employing the worst spam filter ever. And guess what? Google’s spam filter is amazing, and using it doesn’t require UGA add on more IT guys (more $$$).

Why hasn’t UGA already moved to Google’s Apps for Education? I’m sure top-level UGA administrators don’t understand the service, are afraid as few other major universities have moved to Google, and don’t want to give up control over students’ inboxes.

This sounds like the 19th century, not 2007 at Georgia’s flagship educational institution.