How To: Open mailto links in Gmail

I just discovered one of the biggest time savers ever.

I use Gmail as my primary email. I have for over a year now. And I send all my emails from Gmail.

But, whenever I click on a mailto link in a webpage, it always opens up in Outlook Express. Yeah, it takes like 2 minutes to open up, and I don’t even use Outlook Express. It is just the default mail client on Windows XP. I try to look at links before I click on them, but a lot of the time it just happens. Call me click-happy.

So how do you make it work so when you click on a mailto email link that it opens up in Gmail?

The Gmail notifier does this, but I hate leaving stuff running in my taskbar all the time, especially when I always have Gmail open in a tab in Firefox.

So what other solutions are there?

I installed Google Talk sometime ago to take advantage of some feature. I don’t have it running all the time, and I think I might have used it twice before now (I just chat in Gmail or Pidgin). But it has a nifty little feature that alters the system setting to allow all mailto links to open in Gmail.

And Voila! Click on a mailto link like this one, and watch it open in Gmail!

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  1. dude, thank you for posting this ! i’ve always had google talk but never thought there was such option -___- and i hated opening stupid links in outlook ! now, i’m lovin’ it ! gracias !!!

  2. Ah, sadly, it’s not a universal fix. As in, doesn’t work for me. I have Google Talk configged to open GMail for links but it still pops up a new Outlook message. Not critical, but I’d love to have the option. Blast you again, Microsoft!

  3. This isn’t guaranteed to work. If you’re using Firefox, then go to Options/Preferences (I’m on a PC), click on the Applications tab, and then search for “mailto” (without quotes). It will give you a list of options one of which should be gmail. (Mine also shows yahoo.)

  4. Thank you so much for the info. I usually use Firefox for my browser, but because we’ve switched over to using GMail at work, I use Chrome only for email, as it is more compatible with GMail.

    GMail Notifier works perfectly! Once I installed it, I went in to Firefox and selected Notifier for the mailto: type and it just works!

    Now when I click on a mailto: link in FF, it switches over to Chrome and brings up a compose mail page!

    I really appreciate you enlightening me (yes, we are not worthy, etc., etc.)

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