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Now Displaying Redoable 1.2

Frequent readers probably noticed that I recently switched themes. I was using Hemingway Ex, a theme I still love.

But Hemingway-based themes are best when you don’t post all that often. This is because they typically just show 2 posts on the front page (better if you post less frequently), but if you post more often, you have relevant posts that readers can’t see very easily. And, it being finals time and everything, I have been posting more frequently (a trend I hope to keep up!).

The current theme is the newest version of a theme I have used before, Redoable. Now, I am using Redoable 1.2, which is indeed an incredible theme, created by deanjrobinson.

Redoable is an adaptation of the venerable K2 theme, which means it has many of the same flaws. The major issue with K2 (and, thus, Redoable) is something with the Sidebar options panel. In some cases, and of course mine, the K2 sidebar options panel doesn’t display.

My solution: install the sidebar modules plugin (which k2 bases their sidebar off of), and voila, a sidebar modules options panel should be available. You’ll probably want to copy over any modules from the /themes/redoable/modules/ folder you want to use, and put them in /plugins/sbm/modules/ folder.

I only have one other major issue, and that is the Firefox banner located at the top of the page, which is only visible if you are using Internet Explorer. Now, I hate IE (really badly; ask any of my friends, I want to convert them all to Firefox), but I don’t want to tick off possible readers who like IE by having the big banner at the top.

Supposedly you’re able to turn off the Firefox banner in the Redoable options panel, but I have the banner off right now, and it is still visible in IE (which bugs me). I really would like to find a solution to this problem, and the sooner the better.

*Update – May 3, 2007* I was able to fix the issue with the Firefox banner still displaying after turning it off in the Redoable options panel. I had to rig it, but it works, and hopefully didn’t tick off too many IE users. If you want to fix the same issue, remove (or comment out) lines 106 through 113 from header.php. I wanted to post the code here, but it wanted to display the html, not the code. Oh well. I guess one fix a night is good enough.


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  1. LOL Chris šŸ˜€ Dare I say great minds think alike? ^^ (I wouldn’t say mine is great but I’m sure yours is!) I was actually thinking of changing to Redoable as well at some point, but only after resolving the issue of how it displays in IE6 and such. Thanks for providing the tip on how to fix the ‘firefox’ banner (personally I think it’s a bit of a nuisance … although I use Firefox I can’t expect every visitor to use the same!) as I think it will help alot! Currently planning how to use it at the moment – I agree it’s better to use this theme if posting alot, because the news tends to get pushed down so easily!

  2. Flick, lol, I don’t know about great. The problem with Redoable is actually a problem with K2, on which Redoable is based. What I think is that, if you use some version of K2 before Redoable, it messes up with where the options are held in the database. I think you should try out Redoable, and if you have problems on it, just switch back to HemingwayEx. I really like Redoable, I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

  3. I love the redoable theme and especially the layout and style sidebar. However, some of the font colors (for example the grey on grey in “Leave a Reply”, are difficult to read. There is also a strange formatting issue when I use the adsense plugin.

    By the way, thhanks for the IE header fix. I just updated my website to use it.

  4. Bailey,
    Thanks for the comment. I like your site, it is a good mix. Still, the problem is with that adsense plugin. I think you need to work with your css file and some divs to make everything work. Also, I’m not seeing a problem with the grey on grey “Leave a Reply”. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I edit and test on Mac and Safari so this banner never showed up. I almost published my blog using this theme! I went ahead and removed that code and it seems to work fine now. Thanks again. Oh, and do you notice that there is no space between the sidebar widgets with this theme?

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