It seems that University of Georgia football voice Larry Munson has been busy this wedding season.

No, he’s not getting married, but he is providing voiceovers for Bulldog fans’ weddings. Here is one example (after the jump):


Hat tip to Georgia Sports and Paul Westerdawg for picking up this story.

Several comments on the Georgia Sports post seem to indicate that it is pretty easy to have Munson voiceover your wedding:

Munson also did the introductions for the bridal party at the wedding of some friends of mine.

I think there was some pre-existing relationship, but apparently it was easier to arrange than we might think. (here)


Larry Munson did something similar for my wedding three years ago. I would like to think I was first. I just wrote him a letter and it got done. We did our own mixing with Seven Notes and Glory. (here)

And for the ‘Dawg fans out there, here is a fan version of the video played before each home football game during the Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation:


My favorite clip is at 1:14, where David Pollack broke up a pass and collapsed on the ball, scoring an interception and a touchdown.

And for a little more classic Munson, here the game winning play from the 2006 Georgia v. Georgia Tech game with Munson’s voiceover: