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Updated to HemingwayEx 0.95

I have just upgraded to the .95 version of the excellent HemingwayEx theme by Nalin Makar. I put a few extra touches on this awesome theme, including the Twitter updates in the header and the search box in the navigation tab at the top.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this great theme for anyone. If you happen to be upgrading the HemingwayEx theme from an earlier (pre-.95) version, make sure you follow the upgrading instructions here.

A couple of wishes for this great themes (and I am working on most of these):

  • another dark version with red accents, in place of the orange accents
  • implementing a second drop-down panel like what Nicolò Volpato uses on his site to hide the comments section (like how the navigation bar is ‘hidden’ at the top of the HemingwayEX theme)
  • a search block (I have already implemented this myself – in the navigation slidebar at the top – so I will email the code to Nalin sometime. But, lol, I just can’t seem to center the search bar.
  • some sort of mechanism that only shows the ‘read on’ link on the homepage if there is actually more content after the jump

Anyways, that’s enough for now. Oh, and it would also be helpful to get some comments, so I can make sure the recent comments bar works (bottom right).


I have just noticed a little bit of an issue when viewing a HemingwayEx themed site in Firefox ( on a Mac (OSX). See here [Safari on left, Firefox on right]:

Problems in Firefox on Mac

The color on the navigation bar is a little bit yellower (lol) in Firefox ( on a Mac, but not on a Windows machine.

Also, when viewing a HemingwayEx themed site on a Mac (in either Firefox or Safari), the highlighted links on the navigation bar are not highlighted all the way to the bottom of the bar(ie- there is an orange stripe underneath the link). For an example, see here:

Problems in Firefox on Mac2

But just a couple of thoughts. Nothing major.


Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2


A Little Downtime


  1. Hey Chris, nice to see that you got this version setup properly…

    Most of what you mentioned as to-do, is already in pipeline. Just need some time to finish it and get it out.

  2. Nalin, thanks a bunch! I love this theme.

  3. Hi, I found your site through (predictably) Nalin’s site… and was wondering if you had found a mechanism to eliminate ‘read more…’ if no more content were available at all? Thanks 🙂

  4. Flick, I have yet to find anything. I’ve been looking through the original Hemingway theme forums, but I’ve had no luck. Try that, maybe your search terms will work. If they do, please let me know!

  5. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your reply! I’m sorry its taken a while to write back @_@ Alas I haven’t been able to find anything useful searching on the forums – must be using the same-ish keywords I’m guessing? I hadn’t realised that it was a problem in the old Hemingway theme was well.

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