First, my hosting provider is being rather slow, mainly because of leftover problems due to a planned power outage that took place over the weekend. Trust me, I know exactly how slow it is. But, I apoligize for any inconveniences.

Second, I am switching between the Redoable theme (discussed here) and a futuristic reimplementation of my old Hemingway theme, called HemingwayEx. So, if you see different themes, or things broken, don’t be too alarmed. If something looks bad, though, leave me a comment here or contact me. I might already know about the problem, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

For those curious, here is what the old Hemingway theme looked like (click to see fullsize):

Hemingway Original in IE hemingway-post-ie.jpg

Here is the Redoable theme I have been playing around with (click to see fullsize):

Redoable 1.1 in IE Redoable 1.1 post in IE

And here is the HemingwayEx theme that is currently being used [hopefully, lol] (click to see fullsize):

hemingwayEx in IE hemingwayEx post in IE

And… I’m using a new piece of technology, called Lightbox JS, to allow you all to see the full-size pictures without having to leave the webpage. Click on any of the thumbnails above to see Lightbox in action.