So, I wrote a little while ago about the new version of WordPress (2.1). Well, it seems after all that praise, I had a little problem (ok, a couple).

You see, I have multiple WordPress installs (lol, if you want to know why, check the links to see the multiple blogs). On some of these installs, after installing WordPress 2.1, I could see the new Visual/Code “tabbed editor” thingie. But on other installs, I couldn’t see the “tabbed editor”. All I could use was the Code version of the editor (which is a nice thing, but I need to use the Visual window sometimes).

Tabbed Editor

So how to fix this problem? Well, a couple of trips to the forums, and I found the answer. First, this post, and then the answer was on this post.

Go to your WordPress admin page. Then click on ‘Users’ on the toolbar. The click ‘Edit’ on your admin user. Now, click ‘Your Profile’, which is just under the main toolbar.

Your Profile button

And, lastly, place a check mark in the “Use the visual editor when writing” and click “Update Profile”.

Visual editor option

Ok, so we fixed that, but now a complaint: The redone “Insert/Edit Link”AJAX pop-out.

Insert Link

First, the developers switched which side of the bottom the “Insert” and “Cancel” buttons are on (yes, a major complaint, as I was used to the old system, so now I hit Cancel all the time and mess up my posts).

Second, after you insert a link, the “Insert/Edit Link” pop-out clears, but stays on the screen. Why? Who knows? But it is still on the screen, after the editor has inserted the link.

But, at least we fixed the major problem of the day, thanks to the wonderful WordPress forums.